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Reiki and Astrology

March 16, 2010

I have no idea how many people out there practice both Reiki and astrology but I imagine the intersection to be a rather small group. None-the-less, I think these two modalities work very well together.

I took Reiki I & II in fall of 2008 from William Lee Rand at The International Center for Reiki Training. I had always thought that Reiki was a healing technique but what I didn’t realize was the broad spectrum of things that could be “healed” with Reiki. Not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional difficulties could be addressed with Reiki. In fact, any problems or desires a persona might have can be helped by Reiki. Need help finding the right job? You can use Reiki. Need help getting along in your relationships? You can use Reiki. Need help getting over a breakup? You can use Reiki.

When I took Reiki I & II I had just recently returned from The Blast II Astrology Conference in Sedona which was in fact a real blast! I was on fire for astrology, and although I was taking this energy work class I was still thinking about astrology constantly! So when William Lee Rand had us working with the distant symbol he asked that we write down on a piece of paper what it was we wanted to send Reiki to, distantly. It could be anything in the past, present or future, and it could be related to any part of our lives: health, finances, relationships, or anything else we could think of. It was then the idea struck.

I have a tight Mars-Pluto square in my natal chart and at the time transit Pluto was beginning an applying conjunction to my natal Mars which would be followed by a square to natal Pluto. Now anyone with a Mars-Pluto aspect can tell you this is difficult at best, and I was concerned about how the transit of Pluto would affect this difficult natal aspect. So when William Lee Rand instructed us to write down where we wanted the distant Reiki sent I immediately wrote down Mars square Pluto and so we sent the Reiki to my natal aspect.

I have done this with other aspects and transits in my chart. I have even used the birth chart as a focus for the Reiki. To me it is amazing and really helps to focus the energy. Of course, Reiki is intelligent energy and already goes where it is needed most, but I do think that helping it along with such an intention is valuable. And sometimes the problems and issues are so broad it would take a paragraph to explain them on paper whereas as astrologer can sum up an incredible range of issues by saying something like Mars square Pluto.

I asked my Reiki instructor what he thought of this method for he had actually been an astrologer before he became a Reiki Master. He did not use astrology any more but was supportive of my idea. Admittedly he did not think that the astrology was necessary, but for someone like me who thinks of everything in astrological terms using these symbols as the focus of energy work makes sense.

This coming weekend I am taking Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Training. I have been practicing my distant Reiki because it is a method I haven’t used as much as the others and again I am reminded at how profound such techniques can be. I’d be interested if there are other astrologers and Reiki practitioners who have tried combining these practices, but whether or not there are, I know it works for me.


Mars Direct

March 10, 2010

We’ve all been waiting for this. Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. Think of Mars station direct like a green light to move forward. Or a green flag!

Green Flag

Now that Mars stations direct at 0 Leo today we can all get ready to pounce on the projects and plans we’ve been making for months.

Pouncing kitten

Mars has been retrograde since last December so we all have had a hard time taking action and moving forward. Now it’s time to prepare to set sail!

Prepare to set sail!

There might be a slight delay while Mars comes up to full speed but we can expect things to get moving, and soon!

Get Moving!

It’s like Mars has been sitting still on the sidelines, or in the penalty box, just waiting for a chance to get back in the game.

Mars sitting around

Is there an image more Martian (and phallic) than a rocket launching? That’s what we are all getting ready to do.

Rocket Launch

Finally, this is how I feel abut Mars Direct:
Jump for Joy

Venus conjunct Uranus

March 2, 2010

March 4, 2010 brings a pleasant surprise! Venus conjoins Uranus in Pisces which is an aspect full of fun and excitement!

Venus and Uranus are two planets which in my opinion do not get along as well as one might think and I speak from experience with a wide trine (8 degrees) enforced by mutual reception. Venus wants to enjoy herself through indulgence while Uranus wants to shock your socks off! Venus wants to graciously relate to others while Uranus wants to do his own thing, screw all the rest! Venus wants to be pampered while Uranus does not mind getting a little dirty, in fact, he can be a bit of a pervert!

At best when these two get together they support freedom and independence in relationships and they keep things interesting! Venus-Uranus hardly ever gets bored because they are endlessly creative in developing new ways to entertain themselves and others. In Pisces they might be a bit more romantic than normal as Pisces is incredibly romantic and Venus is exalted there. Do something to surprise your lover, or let them surprise you.

In a natal chart the Venus-Uranus person struggles with the need to relate independently. It has taken me 36 years to realize that relationships do not have to take away freedom and that they can, in fact, promote and support personal freedom. This epiphany came during the transit of Uranus to my Pisces descendant. A shocking discovery regarding relationships, and not one you would expect, which is typical Uranus.

Celebrate what makes you unique within the context of your relationship. Create a new art project. Do something surprisingly nice for another person. Have fun doing something you have never done before.

Here is someone else with a Venus-Uranus trine:
Lucille Ball
She can teach us a lot about this aspect, especially the fun part!