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Saturn in Libra, we keep returning to where we were before

July 22, 2010

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It seems like Saturn was just in Libra the other day but it’s really been since the beginning of April 2010 and a lot has happened since that time! Those of us with planets or points in Virgo couldn’t be happier while those of us with planets or points in Libra or in early cardinal shudder at thinking about how it is possible that these incredible transits we are going through may in fact be ramping up in intensity! Since I have both I am resigned yet excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity presented by the challenging planetary picture of our current times.

Saturn in Libra shows that we will be challenged in the area of relationship, in compromise, in diplomacy. I can’t help but wonder what these next couple of years will bring in terms of marraige or divorce among the larger populace. I suspect unions will form and dissolve as always, but we may see a lot more public attention paid to this issue, if possible, and I for one am hoping that fairness is served in the realm of gay marriage while Saturn is in Libra and that the union of same sex couples is honored in the way the union between heterosexual couples is honored now. As someone who is working to plan my own wedding during this time I can see the traditional association of Libra with marriage will play out strongly in my own life during these next few years. Saturn remains in Libra until October 2012.

The Cardinal Cross that is getting so much attention is coming to a peak is a few days as Saturn opposes Uranus (again) then opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto, all within the next month. The cultural and societal angst we are all feeling, that we are all a part of, is faced with extraordinary pressures on many levels.

I looked ahead to the next time Saturn visits Libra in 2038. At that time Pluto will be in late Aquarius and Uranus in early Leo, with Jupiter following Saturn into Libra, so that planetary picture looks much easier, with Saturn cooperating with both Pluto and Uranus instead of forcing matters to a head as they are now.

Saturn in Libra wishes for us to communicate with our partners. I know we are afraid they will leave us if they knew how we truly thought. Or we are afraid we love them more than they love us, or vice versa. Let us put aside our measuring devices and work (Saturn) on loving each other (Libra). Love is not an arena where we need to compete. At least not while Saturn is in Libra. It is time for us to work at loving together.
Kathleen Powers
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