Let’s lose weight with the stars!

The stars in the sky, not the movie stars!

I’ve had a couple of good days. Sticking to the plan although I weighed in a little higher this morning than I would like, but tomorrow will be my official weigh in. I track all of my stats including weight, exercise, food and more over on SparkPeople.com under the username of Querian. I have only really been tracking my weight lately but after listening to some podcasts from Fat 2 Fit Radio I am going to add in some other measurements including basic body measurements and perhaps more importantly my body fat percentage. I have scale that measures this so even though it might not be 100% accurate I will start tracking that stat also because in the long run it will help tell me if I am losing body fat.

Today the moon is in Gemini, I discussed that in my last blog. So we need to look at tomorrow’s moon in Cancer. The moon in Cancer is one that craves comfort food, so make sure you are eating familiar and comforting things under this moon! It is a time to watch out for emotional eating, so be aware of your feelings and how they are impacting your food choices. This is a good time to make a big batch of one of your favorite foods and stock some away in the freezer; Cancer loves to save something special for another day. I plan to make a big batch of Onion Marmalade under the Cancer moon which may not sound good to everyone but I happen to love onions and this onion marmalade will keep well in the frig for several weeks and I will be able to use it in a lot of different ways. I love onions!

We are building up to the full moon in Cancer on the 19th. There is a tendency to go to extremes under the full moon and this one is in aspect to Jupiter so be careful not to overeat! Almost immediately after the moon is full it makes a trine to Jupiter and then goes void for a brief time before entering Leo. Leo moon likes rich foods. Leo wants every day to be a special occasion. Leo does like to be active though so put some energy into getting outside. Leo likes to look good, I’m not saying Leo is vain, but putting some attention on toning some trouble spots with the moon in Leo might not be a bad idea. Leo’s symbol, the lion, can be a rather lazy creature, so get out there and do something active which allows you to embrace the vitality of feeling healthy.

On Friday 1/21 the moon enters Virgo so we can all be more finicky and selective about our food, eating a bit healthier and going through our regular fitness routines in order to feel safe and dutiful, like a good Virgo.

As for the other planets: Mars is now in Aquarius and so this might be a good time to add something unusual or different to your fitness routine. We all get stuck in our training and it is good for the body to shake things up. Aquarius in particular, being a fixed sign, can get set it it’s ways. Adding a new element into your activities would be a good idea at this time. The sun moves into Aquarius on Thursday, 1/20, so even though we may be sick and tired of winter we need to think ahead to spring’s arrival in a couple of months and set our determination to get and stay fit. And wonder of wonders, Jupiter re-enters Aries on Saturday 1/22 so hold onto your hats! We are all about to get a big kick in the behind, and our energy levels should go through the roof. That should be great for helping us get more active, especially for people with strong Aries or Jupiter signatures in their charts.

Personally having vital planets moving into Aquarius is helpful to me as my sun and Venus are both in that sign. Jupiter into Aries is also incredibly helpful, not only for my Aquarius planets but also for my moon in Leo. I hope to work on becoming more active as my sprained ankle and torn tendon heal. I am planning that Friday is the last day for me wearing the walking boot, then I will slowly work back into a walking routine and a gym routine. I would like to go full throttle right away but I need to make sure my ankle is in a good way. I also need to go to physical therapy in the next couple of weeks. Neptune is exactly conjunct my sun today and I will be waving a fond farewell to him until he leaves Aquarius completely in the beginning of April. The new thing I am adding into my routine to help with my goals is my sweetheart and I are signing up for a road race on May 15. It is 12k, which is almost 7.5 miles. I am hoping by then to be fully recovered with my ankle. I am planning to walk the race and I think this will be very fun! I’ve never done a race like this before and this one is a very unusual race, think San Francisco at it’s craziest! It’s called Bay to Breakers and I am signing up with the local SparkPeople Spark Team.

Overall this looks like a good week for being active and eating right. Watch the emotional eating under the Cancer moon, and watch the “oh, I deserve a treat” that sometimes comes with the Leo moon. Once the moon is in Virgo we are home free.


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