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A Tarot Spread for Achieving Weight Loss

April 2, 2010

Weight Loss Spread – A map of how to get there

******************* 7 *******************

************* 5 ********* 6 **************

********* 2 ******** 3 ******** 4 *********

******************* 1 *******************

Card 1 – Current Situation and Basis/Foundation

Card 2 – Mental Blocks to Overcome

Card 3 – Emotional Blocks to Overcome

Card 4 – Physical Blocks to Overcome

Card 5 – Current Attitude

Card 6 – Recommended Attitude to Adopt

Card 7 – Allies and Angels

Weight loss takes work and perseverance. This spread will help to get you to your goal. It will not tell you whether or not you will be successful, but what you need to do to put yourself in a position of achieving success. This spread can also be used for more insight on goals other than weight loss.
I came up with this spread today while thinking of a layout for this topic. Please tell me what you think or post a spread of your own. I haven’t tried this spread out yet for myself but will definitely give it a try this weekend.