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Sun in Pisces

February 18, 2010

Things that remind me of the sun in Pisces

That soft, easy-going flow.

Ambient lighting.

Impressionist art.
Claude Monet - Sunrise

Hope that winter will end some day, even if that’s not today.

Days getting longer, I can see the sun both before and after work for the first time since last fall.

George Harrison, my favorite Beatle.
George Harrison

Spiritual journeys.

The inner search for God.

Jesus, who helped usher in the age of Pisces.
See the photo of George Harrison who looks a bit like what some people think Jesus looks like


Non-violent resistance.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Long ambling walks with no particular destination.
Path through the forest

Floating in the water.

Then again, the modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, god of the seas, ruler of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. We all know from recent times just how devastating those natural disasters can be. Pisces has depth and capacity for tumultuous action that is often hidden under a calm and placid surface, but never forget that Pisces is capable of incredible power, despite that quiet demeanor.

Pisces is my favorite rising sign and so I’m a bit biased. But it’s only natural, as Pisces falls on my 7th house.

Enjoy the sun’s transit of Pisces! With Jupiter and Venus currently swimming in the Pisces pool there should be quiet blessings all around, if only we take time to notice.