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The 11th house moon and transit Mars

February 19, 2010

I’ve been thinking about the 11th house after reading Donna Cunningham’s wonderful article about her own 11th house stellium The Incredible Vulnerability a Stellium Creates. Since I don’t have a stellium (I feel left out) and since I have been having some 11th house issues lately I thought I’d take a look to see what’s going on.

My moon is at 9 Leo 17 and is also accidentally dignified by house as I have Cancer on my 11th house cusp. The first thing that jumps out here is Mars retrograde over my moon and through my 11th house. Can Mars be the source of all my 11th house problems?

Mars entered Leo 10/16/09 – around this time I began a class at a local Unity church I had been attending for about a year and a half. I am not a Christian but I enjoy the feeling of spiritual community and had taken other classes there and often attended group meditation (moon trine Neptune). Right from the start the class really bothered me, I didn’t feel like it suited me, but I stuck with it, thinking perhaps my resistance was something I needed to work through.

1st pass – Mars conjunct moon 11/6/09 – I remember I called in sick to work this day and stayed home and cooked all day, I do love cooking! I didn’t even realize Mars was conjunct my moon but when I looked at the transits later I had to laugh at how it manifested. I was still taking the class at church and it was still really bothering me, but I was determined to finish it. And when I say “really bothering me” it was actually making me angry, and so I was feeling very un-spiritual about it all.

Mars station Retrograde 12/20/09 – The class at church had finished the week before and I was feeling very unhappy about the church and the class. It was a prosperity class and I felt like we spent so much time focusing on what was wrong with us and what terrible people we were that there was no work done on enhancing our prosperity thinking. As someone who has done a lot of self-work over the year (in the past I have been something of a self-help junkie) I felt like I had examined-to-death these things already and I did not feel like the bad person the class was determined to unearth. I felt like this class caused a schism between myself and the church. I think I have only been to one service since that class ended. I felt like I had lost my spiritual community and no longer fit in there.

More on the Mars station – Over the previous year I had developed a wonderful friendship with a woman from Japan. We had met at a Reiki workshop and our shared interests in everything from readings to A Course in Miracles to Reiki helped cement our friendship. We were seeing each other several times a month and I really enjoyed having a woman friend that I could see regularly and relate to spiritually. At the end of 2009 she returned to Japan and so my regular get-togethers with my friend ended and I have not yet found a replacement for them. I do really miss her.

2nd pass – Mars Rx opposite Sun/Full Moon in Leo 1/29-1/30/10 – A powerful full moon with Moon conjunct Mars and Sun conjunct Venus. Gary P. Caton has discussed this as an integration of the feminine and the masculine parts of ourselves in a sacred marriage in his excellent podcasts recently. You can listen to them here. I have noticed the need to integrate myself more fully, and I have also noticed this within the context of male-female relations. In terms of friendships and my 11th house I did not notice much occurring at this time although I did attend a fundraiser event called Vodka Vodka benefiting an organization called Forgotten Harvest. It was a fun event.

There are some more transits coming up involving Mars:

Mars direct 3/10/10
3rd pass to my moon 4/22/10
Mars exits the shadow 5/17/10
Mars leaves Leo and enters Virgo 6/7/10

I can correlate the frustration with my church (groups and organizations) and the loss of my friend (friendships) to this transit of Mars through my 11th house and to the ruler of the 11th. But the reason I am writing this is because I am having some other problems with my girlfriends, too, and that seems very 11th house moon to me. But I don’t see the correlation here and so there must be something else going on.

It’s so easy to find, it jumps right out at me: my progressed moon in opposing natal Saturn within minutes. I feel left out in the cold. Abandoned. Alternate that with angry and frustrated. Mars and Saturn, both touching my moon in different ways. They actually aspect in the natal chart, too. I have moon sextile Saturn and moon biquintile Mars.

When people look at my chart they often say something like: “You must have a lot of warm and wonderful friends!” I have been blessed with some wonderful friendships but I do not have tons of friends and the friends I do have tend to wax and wane. That is one thing that should never be overlooked about the moon placement in a chart: it shows where the energy waxes and wanes. There are times when that area is full and bright. There are also times when that area is dark and cold.

When I got involved in astrology and realized how neglected my poor moon was I began working to cultivate the things that would please an 11th house Leo moon. I sought out a spiritual community. I got involved in a local astrology group. I started attending astrology conferences. I cultivated friendships with women. These activities certainly help to feed an 11th house moon yet still, for all my astrological practice (I mean that as practical application of astrology) still my 11th house waxes and wanes.

I look forward to seeing how the rest of this Mars transit plays out in my chart. Will I return to church or find a new friend to see regularly? Will I find a new spiritual community? There is also an element of hopes and dreams and wishes, and long term goals and plans that has certainly been active in my life during this phase. Maybe I’ll write another blog entry about that another day.

A final note about whole sign houses: using whole sign houses my moon falls in the 12th but is still the ruler of my 11th and so this is all still valid. I have felt drawn to more time alone but it’s the middle of winter here in Michigan, too. Since my moon is in strong aspect to Neptune, modern ruler of the 12th, I feel like they are already tied strongly together, my moon and my 12th house. My 12th house is ruled by my Aquarius sun which is opposite my moon by sign if not by orb. Perhaps I should add another date to watch out for: June 2, 2010 – transit Mars opposite natal sun. I like to use whole sign houses in tandem with other house systems, at least when looking at my own chart.