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Working my way out of limbo

May 26, 2010

One under-rated positive of the escalating Grand Cardinal Cross that is going to dominating the skies this summer is that it brings about change and helps us to turn the corner.

I feel like I’ve been in limbo for some time. Is it due to so many planets at the end of mutable signs? Or is it Neptune on my sun? Whatever, the tension that is created along with a grand cross, especially in cardinal signs, impels us to take new steps and leave the land of limbo we’ve all been living in for so long.

It’s been some time since I’ve written here and a lot has happened. I’ve gotten engaged, I quit my job, and I am getting ready to move from Michigan to California in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for things to sort themselves out for so long with the relocation logistics I finally just decided to say f#$% it this week and go for it. Sometimes you have to trust the universe. My fiance is waiting for me in California, we’ve been doing this long distance thing for months. With Uranus and Jupiter both ready to leap into Aries I can’t take the waiting any more! Instead of waiting for change to come to me I am bringing the change to my life now. I am taking control, so Aries, instead of going with the flow, so Pisces.

We are done going with the flow. Now that Chiron is in Pisces some of our collective wounds stem from going along with what seems to be the flow. Now as Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries we become pioneers who forge ahead into our own personal adventures, often rashly, but with great joie de vivre.

Venus conjunct Uranus

March 2, 2010

March 4, 2010 brings a pleasant surprise! Venus conjoins Uranus in Pisces which is an aspect full of fun and excitement!

Venus and Uranus are two planets which in my opinion do not get along as well as one might think and I speak from experience with a wide trine (8 degrees) enforced by mutual reception. Venus wants to enjoy herself through indulgence while Uranus wants to shock your socks off! Venus wants to graciously relate to others while Uranus wants to do his own thing, screw all the rest! Venus wants to be pampered while Uranus does not mind getting a little dirty, in fact, he can be a bit of a pervert!

At best when these two get together they support freedom and independence in relationships and they keep things interesting! Venus-Uranus hardly ever gets bored because they are endlessly creative in developing new ways to entertain themselves and others. In Pisces they might be a bit more romantic than normal as Pisces is incredibly romantic and Venus is exalted there. Do something to surprise your lover, or let them surprise you.

In a natal chart the Venus-Uranus person struggles with the need to relate independently. It has taken me 36 years to realize that relationships do not have to take away freedom and that they can, in fact, promote and support personal freedom. This epiphany came during the transit of Uranus to my Pisces descendant. A shocking discovery regarding relationships, and not one you would expect, which is typical Uranus.

Celebrate what makes you unique within the context of your relationship. Create a new art project. Do something surprisingly nice for another person. Have fun doing something you have never done before.

Here is someone else with a Venus-Uranus trine:
Lucille Ball
She can teach us a lot about this aspect, especially the fun part!

The Dos and Don’ts when multiple planets are in Pisces

February 22, 2010

Don’t be a victim.
Do forgive.
Don’t overeat, over-drink, overdose.
Do sublimate.
Don’t space out.
Do meditate.
Don’t start new projects.
Do tie up loose ends.
Don’t watch too much television.
Do use your imagination.
Don’t worry.
Do visualize.
Don’t wallow.
Do catch up with old friends.
Don’t escape from reality.
Do immerse yourself in the desired reality.
Don’t give up.
Do hope for better.

We have an overdose of Pisces energy right now with four planets transiting Pisces. At such times we must also be careful not to overdose in our own ways. Pisces tends to bring out our personal addictions, so pay attention right now and see what it is you might be addicted to. Then work at creating a healthy balance.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It is associated with a connection to something outside oneself which is greater than oneself. At the best this can be a spiritual connection to the divine, at the worst it can be an addiction to drugs, television, overeating, alcohol, etc. Pisces is associated with creative imagination and in linked to films and movies, photography, as well as music. It is where we immerse ourselves and lose our sense of personal identity. We begin to understand that we are all connected and we are all one, really. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and where we synthesize all of our experiences through the other signs. There is a mystical and magical quality about Pisces which can be incredibly seductive yet also can seem incredibly naive and unrealistic. I once heard Michael Lutin say that although Pisces has a reputation for being the victim and letting other people take advantage of them the truth is that nobody ever takes advantage of Pisces. Pisces submits and gives of itself willingly, and is more aware of the motivations of other people than those other people might think. And Pisces is willing to forgive, perhaps more so than any other sign. Pisces is a sign of letting go.

Currently we have the sun, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus all in Pisces. Mercury and the moon to join the crowd in Pisces, too! Here are the dates (UT):

Sun in Pisces through March 20, 2010
Venus in Pisces through March 8, 2010
Jupiter in Pisces through June 7, 2010 (he will return later this year, too)
Uranus in Pisces through May 28, 2010 (he will return, too)
Mercury in Pisces March 1 – 17, 2010
Moon in Pisces March 14 – 16, 2010

We will have up to 5 heavenly bodies in Pisces at a time this March, this is half of the ten planets! And the rest of the time we will have 4 planets in Pisces. This began on February 14 when the moon transited Pisces for a few days prior to the sun’s entry on February 19. This energy will linger until around St. Patrick’s Day when things will start getting much more active as the group of planets moves into Aries.

I am going to have to take my own advice on this one. My solar return has 4 planets in Pisces and I’ve been feeling it strongly. The desire to check out, to escape, to sink into oblivion is so strong right now. But don’t give up. Pisces also contains a seed of hope, and with Jupiter also in his home sign of Pisces that seed will grow faster than you ever expected.

Sun in Pisces

February 18, 2010

Things that remind me of the sun in Pisces

That soft, easy-going flow.

Ambient lighting.

Impressionist art.
Claude Monet - Sunrise

Hope that winter will end some day, even if that’s not today.

Days getting longer, I can see the sun both before and after work for the first time since last fall.

George Harrison, my favorite Beatle.
George Harrison

Spiritual journeys.

The inner search for God.

Jesus, who helped usher in the age of Pisces.
See the photo of George Harrison who looks a bit like what some people think Jesus looks like


Non-violent resistance.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Long ambling walks with no particular destination.
Path through the forest

Floating in the water.

Then again, the modern ruler of Pisces is Neptune, god of the seas, ruler of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. We all know from recent times just how devastating those natural disasters can be. Pisces has depth and capacity for tumultuous action that is often hidden under a calm and placid surface, but never forget that Pisces is capable of incredible power, despite that quiet demeanor.

Pisces is my favorite rising sign and so I’m a bit biased. But it’s only natural, as Pisces falls on my 7th house.

Enjoy the sun’s transit of Pisces! With Jupiter and Venus currently swimming in the Pisces pool there should be quiet blessings all around, if only we take time to notice.