Meatless Monday

January 18, 2011

A personal tradition I’ve instituted in Meatless Monday, at least as far as cooking dinner goes! Tonight I made a recipe adapted from the book YOU: The Owners Manual

Portuguese Bean Soup, adapted

Begin with onions in a little bit of oil.

Add chicken broth, sweet potatoes, chili-garlic paste.

Add diced tomatoes. cannelini beans, collard greens.

Serve with a splash of balsamic vinegar.

My version, I made 4 servings, each with 190 calories, less than 1 gram of fat, 12 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fiber. The vinegar really helped to make the soup better. There is something bout canned tomatoes and sweet potatoes together that I am not 100% sure that I liked. This soup might be better with regular potatoes. But still it was pretty tasty, I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Let’s lose weight with the stars!

January 16, 2011

The stars in the sky, not the movie stars!

I’ve had a couple of good days. Sticking to the plan although I weighed in a little higher this morning than I would like, but tomorrow will be my official weigh in. I track all of my stats including weight, exercise, food and more over on under the username of Querian. I have only really been tracking my weight lately but after listening to some podcasts from Fat 2 Fit Radio I am going to add in some other measurements including basic body measurements and perhaps more importantly my body fat percentage. I have scale that measures this so even though it might not be 100% accurate I will start tracking that stat also because in the long run it will help tell me if I am losing body fat.

Today the moon is in Gemini, I discussed that in my last blog. So we need to look at tomorrow’s moon in Cancer. The moon in Cancer is one that craves comfort food, so make sure you are eating familiar and comforting things under this moon! It is a time to watch out for emotional eating, so be aware of your feelings and how they are impacting your food choices. This is a good time to make a big batch of one of your favorite foods and stock some away in the freezer; Cancer loves to save something special for another day. I plan to make a big batch of Onion Marmalade under the Cancer moon which may not sound good to everyone but I happen to love onions and this onion marmalade will keep well in the frig for several weeks and I will be able to use it in a lot of different ways. I love onions!

We are building up to the full moon in Cancer on the 19th. There is a tendency to go to extremes under the full moon and this one is in aspect to Jupiter so be careful not to overeat! Almost immediately after the moon is full it makes a trine to Jupiter and then goes void for a brief time before entering Leo. Leo moon likes rich foods. Leo wants every day to be a special occasion. Leo does like to be active though so put some energy into getting outside. Leo likes to look good, I’m not saying Leo is vain, but putting some attention on toning some trouble spots with the moon in Leo might not be a bad idea. Leo’s symbol, the lion, can be a rather lazy creature, so get out there and do something active which allows you to embrace the vitality of feeling healthy.

On Friday 1/21 the moon enters Virgo so we can all be more finicky and selective about our food, eating a bit healthier and going through our regular fitness routines in order to feel safe and dutiful, like a good Virgo.

As for the other planets: Mars is now in Aquarius and so this might be a good time to add something unusual or different to your fitness routine. We all get stuck in our training and it is good for the body to shake things up. Aquarius in particular, being a fixed sign, can get set it it’s ways. Adding a new element into your activities would be a good idea at this time. The sun moves into Aquarius on Thursday, 1/20, so even though we may be sick and tired of winter we need to think ahead to spring’s arrival in a couple of months and set our determination to get and stay fit. And wonder of wonders, Jupiter re-enters Aries on Saturday 1/22 so hold onto your hats! We are all about to get a big kick in the behind, and our energy levels should go through the roof. That should be great for helping us get more active, especially for people with strong Aries or Jupiter signatures in their charts.

Personally having vital planets moving into Aquarius is helpful to me as my sun and Venus are both in that sign. Jupiter into Aries is also incredibly helpful, not only for my Aquarius planets but also for my moon in Leo. I hope to work on becoming more active as my sprained ankle and torn tendon heal. I am planning that Friday is the last day for me wearing the walking boot, then I will slowly work back into a walking routine and a gym routine. I would like to go full throttle right away but I need to make sure my ankle is in a good way. I also need to go to physical therapy in the next couple of weeks. Neptune is exactly conjunct my sun today and I will be waving a fond farewell to him until he leaves Aquarius completely in the beginning of April. The new thing I am adding into my routine to help with my goals is my sweetheart and I are signing up for a road race on May 15. It is 12k, which is almost 7.5 miles. I am hoping by then to be fully recovered with my ankle. I am planning to walk the race and I think this will be very fun! I’ve never done a race like this before and this one is a very unusual race, think San Francisco at it’s craziest! It’s called Bay to Breakers and I am signing up with the local SparkPeople Spark Team.

Overall this looks like a good week for being active and eating right. Watch the emotional eating under the Cancer moon, and watch the “oh, I deserve a treat” that sometimes comes with the Leo moon. Once the moon is in Virgo we are home free.

Can Astrology Help with Weight Loss?

January 14, 2011

Can Astrology Help with Weight Loss?

Are we victims of the stars? Or can we observe the sky, see what is happening “Above”, and use the energy in our daily lives in order to reach our goals here “Below”? Of course, in theory, I believe the tenet: “As Above, So Below”. I also believe that someone who is aware and deliberate in the application of these energies can harness the energy that is available to us all and use it to create lasting change. Yet even awareness and deliberation isn’t always enough when it comes to weight loss! So I am going to revitalize my astrology blog and transform it into an investigation into whether or not we can use astrology to lose weight.

Some background about me, I have counted calories and exercised regularly since about the age of 23. I have always been able to lose weight or maintain a good weight by eating around 1600-1800 calories, until the last year or so. I had been comfortably maintaining a weight of about 150-155 for several years when I suddenly gained about 30 pounds in less than a year. I had not changed any of my techniques. I was still eating 1600-1800 calories and exercising regularly. Still I kept gaining weight. I tried lowering my calorie allowance and changing my exercise routine. It did not help. I was eating 1500-1600 calories and gaining weight. I was walking about 7 hours a week plus was doing strength training and some cardio videos, too. I was frustrated but did not know exactly why this was happening.

Astrologically, at that time, Jupiter was transiting through my sun and Venus sign of Aquarius. After stationing almost to my sun he turned retrograde and went back to near the degree of my Venus, and was basically quincunx my Ascendant for many weeks during his station turning direct. He then crossed my sun at 27 Aquarius. My Ascendant ruler, Mercury, is at 11 Pisces so he quickly conjoined Mercury as well. That was followed by Jupiter’s opposition of my Ascendant at almost 19 Virgo. I gained weight throughout this entire set of transits, beginning summer 2009 until about April or May 2010. Once Jupiter entered my 7th house I stopped gaining weight but have been unable to lose any real weight, either, maybe a couple of pounds here and there. He still opposes my 1st house.

I never expected this Jupiter-related weight gain to occur due to another transit. During the same time frame I have also had Saturn in my 1st house, which is actually known as a “weight-loss transit”. Bah! Saturn has not helped me lose any weight during his visit to my 1st house! I love Saturn but he has not helped me here like I had expected!

I have had a lot of changes during 2010. I got engaged, I moved from Michigan to California, I changed jobs, just to name a few things that have changed in the past year! I was getting into a new routine here in California when, back in the end of August, I fell down a flight of stairs and severely sprained my ankle. Let me just say that when trying to lose weight it is incredibly difficult if you cannot exercise! I spent a month on crutches. Beginning in October I returned to an exercise and nutrition routine I thought would help, eating an average of around 1600 calories and riding the exercise bike, swimming, walking as I could, and strength training. I lost maybe a pound in a month, basically nothing more than normal fluctuation. I decided to cut my calories drastically and increase my exercise as much as I could bear with my still healing ankle. I cut down to 1200 calories. In the next two months I managed to lose maybe 2 more pounds, although I did cheat on my diet a bit around the holidays, though not too badly!

My ankle was still killing me. It was swollen constantly and it wasn’t seeming to get any better. It had been about 4 months and my ankle was making it incredibly difficult for me to get all the activity I desired. Plus, I was hungry all the time eating so few calories. Can we say ornery? I finally went to see a specialist about my ankle. It just happened to be at the time of the last solar eclipse and the day the sun moved into Capricorn. The podiatrist informed me that when I sprained my ankle I had also torn a tendon, the tendon that holds up the arch of my foot, and that I needed to wear the dreaded “walking boot” for another month! Arrgh! How was I suppose to ever lose this extra weight while wearing a cast on my foot?

All of my motivation went out of me. I could not bear to eat 1200 calories a day anymore. I was so hungry, constantly, and still not losing any weight. I decided that I would work on increasing my metabolism so I could eat more calories and lose weight. That is where the story is right now. Still in my walking boot, I have been eating 1464 calories per day and doing strength training for my upper body and my core, but no cardio this month. I have tried to ride the exercise bike but it is very uncomfortable and makes my ankle hurts after about 10 minutes. The podiatrist advised that since I had aggravated the injury so badly by pushing myself to my limits that I should adopt a new rule of “if it hurts don’t do it”, at least until I could get my ankle and torn tendon healed.

I chose 1464 calories based on a calorie calculator I found online. It said that a 37 year old woman at 183 pounds could lose weight by eating 1464 calories per day while getting no physical activity. I weighed as low as 181.7 since I started this about a week and a half ago, 182.3 this morning. When I started my program in October 2010 to aggressively lose weight I weighed 185. No matter how aggressive I have been about this is has not been working. As I get back into exercising more regularly, once this boot comes off, I will adjust my calories as I see fit. But there is no way I am reducing my intake to 1200 calories a day again. I am going to figure out a better way to reach my goals!

So can astrology help? And if so, how?

I think we must look at a few different factors, at least two. The first is sky transits and the second is personal transits.

Basically the new format of my blog here will be as follows:

1) A summary or how I have done, based on goals set and transits previously discussed.

2) Upcoming sky transit to be aware of in pursuit of further weight loss.

3) Upcoming personal transits.

4) Summary of current plan and goals, based on an awareness of planetary cycles.

Currently we have lots of planets in earth signs, good for setting practical goals. Mars is leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius is often quite happy putting energy into mental pursuits so it will be important to make sure to get as much actual physical activity as possible. Venus in a fire sign, Sagittarius, is more adventurous here than in some of her lazier placements. Mercury and the sun are both in Capricorn which is lovely and practical and down to earth. The planets from the sun through Mars are well placed right now for physical actiivity and for restricting the diet with the emphasis on Capricorn.

The moon is probably more important in weight loss than one might believe. Our daily moods impact our health and our dedication to fitness and nutrition, and our moods are often directly related to the lunar sign and phase. Currently the waxing moon is in Taurus, and here we must realize that we are likely to overeat and to avoid exercise with this moon. So make sure to take time to exercise and plan your meals ahead of time! Tomorrow the moon goes into Gemini, better for getting out and about. Gemini is great for a long, rambling walk (I wish I could go for one!), preferably in a busy place like through the streets of an interesting and bustling city. Gemini moon enjoys talking more than eating so dinner out with friends would be lovely and talkative and relatively easy to eat healthy. My goal is to write my next blog by the time the moon in in Cancer early next week.

Personally I have Pluto squaring my progressed sun, a positive progression for transforming my physical body. Neptune is literally 3 minutes away from the third pass of my sun … I cannot help but wonder how much this Neptune transit of my sun had impacted my weight, I believe it has been an important factor, but as with everything Neptune it is almost impossible to tell what is going on around that planet. Uranus, oh how I look forward to Uranus and Jupiter both re-entering Aries! Saturn is treating me nicely at the end of my first house, trine my Venus and my Midheaven. Saturn is well placed for me in terms of disciplining my cravings (Venus) right now.

Right now I am sticking to 1464 calorie average per week. Strength training for my upper body and core. Ankle exercises and stretches. I am going out for dinner tonight but the restaurant is organic, sustainable, healthy food, so even with the moon in Taurus I should be able to enjoy and not overeat. The restaurant is called Venus, perfect for a Friday, day of Venus, under a Taurus moon, sign of Venus. Try to be active, as the walking boot permits, over the weekend. That’s the plan. I’ll try to update my blog on Sunday night, before the moon enters Cancer on Monday, with hopefully a much shorter post!

A good time for stargazing *

August 11, 2010

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The current alignment of planets in the western sky just after sunset has offered an unique opportunity for some excellent stargazing lately. Venus, in her current incarnation as the evening star, is the brightest and most beautiful object in the sky right now. She is currently joined by both Saturn and Mars in early tropical Libra, making a threesome of planets which are easily recognizable to the naked eye, provided there is not too much light pollution where you live. I have seen the trio several times in the past week or two when I go for my evening walk. If you are out after sunset trying to find them look to the west. You will be able to spot Venus who is the bright star on the western horizon. Once you locate her you can find Mars and Saturn who are also in her general proximity, Mars being the redder of the those two. You can use binoculars if you like but in most places you should be able to see all three planets without using any binoculars.

Tomorrow night, on the 12th of August, the crescent moon will join this planetary trio for a unique opportunity to see a quadruple conjunction in the sky. Let’s pray for clear skies! You may also be able to see all four in the sky together on the 13th, though the moon will be higher in the sky than the other three planets by then.

And when you look up let yourself be reminded that stargazing inherently suggests the wonders and mysteries of the universe. This is where it all began.

Saturn in Libra, we keep returning to where we were before

July 22, 2010

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It seems like Saturn was just in Libra the other day but it’s really been since the beginning of April 2010 and a lot has happened since that time! Those of us with planets or points in Virgo couldn’t be happier while those of us with planets or points in Libra or in early cardinal shudder at thinking about how it is possible that these incredible transits we are going through may in fact be ramping up in intensity! Since I have both I am resigned yet excited for this once in a lifetime opportunity presented by the challenging planetary picture of our current times.

Saturn in Libra shows that we will be challenged in the area of relationship, in compromise, in diplomacy. I can’t help but wonder what these next couple of years will bring in terms of marraige or divorce among the larger populace. I suspect unions will form and dissolve as always, but we may see a lot more public attention paid to this issue, if possible, and I for one am hoping that fairness is served in the realm of gay marriage while Saturn is in Libra and that the union of same sex couples is honored in the way the union between heterosexual couples is honored now. As someone who is working to plan my own wedding during this time I can see the traditional association of Libra with marriage will play out strongly in my own life during these next few years. Saturn remains in Libra until October 2012.

The Cardinal Cross that is getting so much attention is coming to a peak is a few days as Saturn opposes Uranus (again) then opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto, all within the next month. The cultural and societal angst we are all feeling, that we are all a part of, is faced with extraordinary pressures on many levels.

I looked ahead to the next time Saturn visits Libra in 2038. At that time Pluto will be in late Aquarius and Uranus in early Leo, with Jupiter following Saturn into Libra, so that planetary picture looks much easier, with Saturn cooperating with both Pluto and Uranus instead of forcing matters to a head as they are now.

Saturn in Libra wishes for us to communicate with our partners. I know we are afraid they will leave us if they knew how we truly thought. Or we are afraid we love them more than they love us, or vice versa. Let us put aside our measuring devices and work (Saturn) on loving each other (Libra). Love is not an arena where we need to compete. At least not while Saturn is in Libra. It is time for us to work at loving together.
Kathleen Powers
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Working my way out of limbo

May 26, 2010

One under-rated positive of the escalating Grand Cardinal Cross that is going to dominating the skies this summer is that it brings about change and helps us to turn the corner.

I feel like I’ve been in limbo for some time. Is it due to so many planets at the end of mutable signs? Or is it Neptune on my sun? Whatever, the tension that is created along with a grand cross, especially in cardinal signs, impels us to take new steps and leave the land of limbo we’ve all been living in for so long.

It’s been some time since I’ve written here and a lot has happened. I’ve gotten engaged, I quit my job, and I am getting ready to move from Michigan to California in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for things to sort themselves out for so long with the relocation logistics I finally just decided to say f#$% it this week and go for it. Sometimes you have to trust the universe. My fiance is waiting for me in California, we’ve been doing this long distance thing for months. With Uranus and Jupiter both ready to leap into Aries I can’t take the waiting any more! Instead of waiting for change to come to me I am bringing the change to my life now. I am taking control, so Aries, instead of going with the flow, so Pisces.

We are done going with the flow. Now that Chiron is in Pisces some of our collective wounds stem from going along with what seems to be the flow. Now as Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries we become pioneers who forge ahead into our own personal adventures, often rashly, but with great joie de vivre.

Saturn opposite Uranus from the front lines

April 12, 2010

A major astrological story since 2008 has been the transiting opposition of Saturn and Uranus, with five passes. Here is the rundown of the dates and degrees, with the degrees rounded up, as well as the Sabian Symbols for the degrees involved.

November 4, 2008 at 19 Virgo/Pisces
– 19 Virgo: A Swimming Race
– 19 Pisces: A Master Instructing His Disciple

February 5, 2009 at 21 Virgo/Pisces
– 21 Virgo: A Girls’ Basketball Team
– 21 Pisces: Under The Watchful And Kind Eye Of A Chinese Servant, A Girl Fondles A Little White Lamb

September 15, 2009 at 25 Virgo/Pisces
– 25 Virgo: A Flag At Half-Mast In Front Of A Public Building
– 25 Pisces: A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence Of Perverted Practices and Materialized Ideals

April 26, 2010 at 29 Virgo/Pisces
– 29 Virgo: A Seeker After Occult Knowledge Is Reading An Ancient Scroll Which Illumines His Mind
– 29 Pisces: Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism

July 26, 2010 at 1 Aries/Libra
– 1 Aries: A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her
– 1 Libra: In A Collection Of Perfect Specimens Of Many Biological Forms, A Butterfly Displays The Beauty Of Its Wings, Its Body Impaled By A Fine Dart

I like how the Sabian Symbols tell a story. We begin with a sense of both competition and of being taught and watched over by someone who has more life experience than we have. At the midpoint we mourn the past as we also eliminate anything that is corrupt and outdated. We then move into a state of illumination of mind and spirit. Finally we have a new beginning which is somehow both beautiful and bittersweet.

My Ascendant is 19 Virgo, and the first pass of Saturn opposite Uranus was exactly conjunct my Ascendant to the minute! I have been undergoing a lot of changes since this transit began, that’s even without mentioning that transit Uranus flirted with my Descendant for over a year before this opposition involving Saturn hit. I want to talk about two of the biggest changes, love and moving to a new home, which are somewhat related.

In September or October 2008 I decided I wanted to move, preferably west. I have lived in Michigan my entire life and during a trip to Sedona I decided I was ready for a big change. This was just before the first exact hit and at the time transit Saturn was also squaring natal Saturn and my Midheaven which are conjunct.

Saturn opposite Uranus falls in my 1st house to 7th house axis and I think it’s important to remember that even when the 1/7 axis is not in orb of a square to the 4/10 house axis that 1/7 is by nature square 4/10. I heard Noel Tyl make that point once and I think it is very important. It is why people feel torn between career (10) and family (4), and between the needs of their committed partner (7) and their own needs (1). But I digress, and my Midheaven is at 17 Gemini so is certainly in orb of a square to my Ascendant anyway. What I am trying to say is that when the four angles of the chart are affected, all areas of life are affected: self, other, home and career. And only one of those angels needs to be touched by a transiting planet for all four angles to be affected.

I wasn’t sure how I would manifest a move out west but was certain I wanted to do this. I let the idea be for a time.

On January 31, 2009 (a few days before the 2nd exact pass of Saturn opposite Uranus) I met a wonderful man. My birthday is February 15 so the opposition was in my solar return in a tight aspect for 2009 as well (and it fell in the 4/10 axis in my return chart). We started dating and by the next exact pass of Saturn opposite Uranus in September 2009 we had decided to relocate to San Francisco together. My sweetheart grew up there and desired to return, he had stayed in Michigan to court me. We moved in together in Michigan on Halloween 2009 in preparation of moving across the country.

I strongly desire to change my career as well as my location. Of note I took a Reiki class in October 2008 and became a Reiki Master in March of 2010. I plan to transition into a career as an energy worker and Reiki Master when I move to California and I think the timing of these things speaks to this transit, too.

Currently as I write this in April 2010 I am trying to figure out the logistics of moving to California from Michigan. I have a lot to figure out including an upside-down mortgage in a rotten housing market, but I see the 4th exact pass coming up and I know it will help take me where I want to go. The 4th pass falls at 29 Virgo/Pisces and is in harmonious aspect to my 4th house ruler Jupiter at 29 Capricorn.

By the time the last pass hits in July I should be established in California with my sweetheart. My home, relationships, career and my approach to life all will have changed dramatically. Since my progressed Venus is in my 7th house at 1 Aries I think I can speculate on how that final pass might manifest itself, but I’ll keep that speculation to myself.

I could point to a lot of other influences during this same time period from all the planets, notable transits from Pluto, Neptune and even Jupiter. But we can learn a lot from looking at just Saturn opposite Uranus. Old versus New. Tradition versus Innovation. Habit versus Change. Things will never again be the same, and that’s a good thing.

There is one more change I need to implement while this aspect is still going on, and that is weight loss. I have gained some weight during this opposition, even with transit Saturn in my first house. I think it is the extra stress. But now I need to use my Saturnian discipline while Saturn has returned to Virgo to make the needed changes and stick to the desired regimen I need in order to successfully lose weight.

A Tarot Spread for Achieving Weight Loss

April 2, 2010

Weight Loss Spread – A map of how to get there

******************* 7 *******************

************* 5 ********* 6 **************

********* 2 ******** 3 ******** 4 *********

******************* 1 *******************

Card 1 – Current Situation and Basis/Foundation

Card 2 – Mental Blocks to Overcome

Card 3 – Emotional Blocks to Overcome

Card 4 – Physical Blocks to Overcome

Card 5 – Current Attitude

Card 6 – Recommended Attitude to Adopt

Card 7 – Allies and Angels

Weight loss takes work and perseverance. This spread will help to get you to your goal. It will not tell you whether or not you will be successful, but what you need to do to put yourself in a position of achieving success. This spread can also be used for more insight on goals other than weight loss.
I came up with this spread today while thinking of a layout for this topic. Please tell me what you think or post a spread of your own. I haven’t tried this spread out yet for myself but will definitely give it a try this weekend.

Reiki and Astrology

March 16, 2010

I have no idea how many people out there practice both Reiki and astrology but I imagine the intersection to be a rather small group. None-the-less, I think these two modalities work very well together.

I took Reiki I & II in fall of 2008 from William Lee Rand at The International Center for Reiki Training. I had always thought that Reiki was a healing technique but what I didn’t realize was the broad spectrum of things that could be “healed” with Reiki. Not only physical ailments but also mental and emotional difficulties could be addressed with Reiki. In fact, any problems or desires a persona might have can be helped by Reiki. Need help finding the right job? You can use Reiki. Need help getting along in your relationships? You can use Reiki. Need help getting over a breakup? You can use Reiki.

When I took Reiki I & II I had just recently returned from The Blast II Astrology Conference in Sedona which was in fact a real blast! I was on fire for astrology, and although I was taking this energy work class I was still thinking about astrology constantly! So when William Lee Rand had us working with the distant symbol he asked that we write down on a piece of paper what it was we wanted to send Reiki to, distantly. It could be anything in the past, present or future, and it could be related to any part of our lives: health, finances, relationships, or anything else we could think of. It was then the idea struck.

I have a tight Mars-Pluto square in my natal chart and at the time transit Pluto was beginning an applying conjunction to my natal Mars which would be followed by a square to natal Pluto. Now anyone with a Mars-Pluto aspect can tell you this is difficult at best, and I was concerned about how the transit of Pluto would affect this difficult natal aspect. So when William Lee Rand instructed us to write down where we wanted the distant Reiki sent I immediately wrote down Mars square Pluto and so we sent the Reiki to my natal aspect.

I have done this with other aspects and transits in my chart. I have even used the birth chart as a focus for the Reiki. To me it is amazing and really helps to focus the energy. Of course, Reiki is intelligent energy and already goes where it is needed most, but I do think that helping it along with such an intention is valuable. And sometimes the problems and issues are so broad it would take a paragraph to explain them on paper whereas as astrologer can sum up an incredible range of issues by saying something like Mars square Pluto.

I asked my Reiki instructor what he thought of this method for he had actually been an astrologer before he became a Reiki Master. He did not use astrology any more but was supportive of my idea. Admittedly he did not think that the astrology was necessary, but for someone like me who thinks of everything in astrological terms using these symbols as the focus of energy work makes sense.

This coming weekend I am taking Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Training. I have been practicing my distant Reiki because it is a method I haven’t used as much as the others and again I am reminded at how profound such techniques can be. I’d be interested if there are other astrologers and Reiki practitioners who have tried combining these practices, but whether or not there are, I know it works for me.


Mars Direct

March 10, 2010

We’ve all been waiting for this. Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. Think of Mars station direct like a green light to move forward. Or a green flag!

Green Flag

Now that Mars stations direct at 0 Leo today we can all get ready to pounce on the projects and plans we’ve been making for months.

Pouncing kitten

Mars has been retrograde since last December so we all have had a hard time taking action and moving forward. Now it’s time to prepare to set sail!

Prepare to set sail!

There might be a slight delay while Mars comes up to full speed but we can expect things to get moving, and soon!

Get Moving!

It’s like Mars has been sitting still on the sidelines, or in the penalty box, just waiting for a chance to get back in the game.

Mars sitting around

Is there an image more Martian (and phallic) than a rocket launching? That’s what we are all getting ready to do.

Rocket Launch

Finally, this is how I feel abut Mars Direct:
Jump for Joy